Injection Tooling & Molding

We can make it. Lifetime Warranty.


REV A specializes in making injection mold tools and high quality molded parts for the top OEM's worldwide. And our customer list reflects our superior quality and customer service.

We can guarantee our tools, because creating plastic injection molds is at the center of our core services; it's how we founded our company and we continue to deliver the most complex tools in the shortest amount of time. Everyday our customers go to work designing cutting edge parts and products and we are doing the same to produce the best injection tooling and parts available today.

To further understand REV A is to know that we specialize in quick turn Production tools. Yes, Class 101 tools in 30 days. That's because REV A is structured to quickly produce low-cost steel injection molds for beta-production and high volume production. We're not limited by complexity or the materials we use. We don't make molds that are proprietary and/or can not be transferred. All of our tools are 100% customer owned and can be transferred at anytime, anywhere in the world.

REV A's Tooling department is an innovative precision tool and mold making facility that is fully integrated with REVA's in-house design and production services departments. We also offer a number of services to ensure quality including Mold Flow analysis, CPK studies and full PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) services. Speed and accuracy are increased by machining center robotics, the latest in CAD and CAM technologies coupled with highly skilled toolmakers.